Clare Bowditch is an author, singer and gifted story teller, a troubadour and advocate for those without power or voice. Her songs and work have meant so much to so many in our Australian community. She is an ARIA award winning musician for best female artist, won Rolling Stone’s Woman of the Year (for contribution to culture), a Logie-nominated actor for her role as Rosanna in Offspring and a former ABC broadcaster. Clare’s memoir Your Own Kind of Girl is an honest, big hearted coming of age story punctuated by grief, anxiety and the battle with her inner critic, Frank. It’s also full of vivid memories, tiny bits of joy that make life what it is, bloody beautiful. This is the work of a woman who has found her true power – and wants to pass it on. Happiness, she discovers, is only possible when we take charge of the stories we tell ourselves.


For more from Clare you can find her at where you can find links to her memoir Your Own Kind of Girl as well as a list of what she calls FUN STUFF like a recipe for her mum’s Dutch Apple Pie to songs you can play with 3 chords on guitar.


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