Big Sandwich

For the price of a big sandwich, you get exclusive bonus weekly episodes, ad-free feeds and early access to bonzer content.

This includes:

  • One bonus episode every Monday from James & Maso. Currently featuring their clickbait specials, book clubs, time crapsules and movie commentaries.
  • Ad-free feeds for every show Planet Broadcasting produces. These can be added to most phone apps and will update just like any other show. You can also download episodes for offline use or stream directly from this website.
  • Early access to all podcasts and videos when available. This normally includes Caravan of Garbage, Suggestible, The Weekly Planet and Mr Sunday Movies videos. Often a day or more early.
  • The ENTIRE back catalogue of bonus episodes are also available to you on sign up. That's over 100 episodes.

No pressure. The main shows will still be available regardless but if you can spare a monthly big sandwich to help us out we'd be bloody chuffed mate. Thanks for listening.

You can sign up to Big Sandwich for $9 USD per month using PayPal or Patreon.

PayPal - sign up directly with us using the option on this page.

Patreon - sign up to the Mr Sunday Movies Patreon page ( and pledge $9 USD or more to gain the exact same access. After signing up there, create a login for this site by confirming your Patreon details. This option has been available for anyone avoiding PayPal but please be aware Patreon claims a percentage.

Please choose only one of these options.