Assassin’s Creed (Extended)

Assassin’s Creed 2016 is Ubisofts second attempt to bring one of their beloved video game franchises to the screen. And the results were yet again…lacking. Headed up by Michael Fassbender playing the duel role of a future guy and ancient history guy it parkours it’s way in and around the neverending battle between the Assassin Order and the Templars for a glowing apple that can probably do something. Thanks for checking out our Caravan Of Garbage review

Pop Culture in 1983 – James & Maso’s Time Crapsule

Welcome to another episode of James & Maso’s Time Crapsule! 00:00 The Start 02:40 Movies 11:00 TV Shows 18:14 Events 26:35 Music 36:38 Toys & Video Games 40:59 Births & Deaths 44:28 Ranking the Year 45:41 Books & Comics 49:21 Ranking Continued Do you care to suggest a year? Feel free to email over at (more…)

64: Tonts with Mietta (Part Two)

Part Two of a conversation with the soulful indie folk singer songwriter Mietta – storytelling and creating on Boonwurrung country in Australia’s Mornington Peninsula. At 22 years of age, Mietta is in a season of emergence. With deep connection to her home roots and her community she is also an education researcher, learning skills mentor, (more…)

531: Hit Man & The Acolyte

Early podcast hello! Thanks for listening. Another Happy Pod with Mr Sunday Movies talking Sunshine: 00:00 The Start 03:00 New Avengers Movie Director 07:37 Jordan Peele’s Mystery Marvel Movie Talks 12:05 New Wonder Woman Casting in DCU 13:55 New The Hunger Games 18:50 Venom: The Last Dance Trailer 27:12 The Killers Game Trailer 30:38 (more…)

Warcraft (Extended)

WAR. And craft. Well I’ve never heard of such a thing but regardless let’s get into the 2016 Warcraft film adaptation directed by Duncan Jones. Acting as an origin story for the conflict between the orcs of Draenor and the humans of Azotha it both sides this epic conflict with more motion capture than the average brain can possibly comprehend. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review.

530: New Box Office Bombs & Hollywood Deal Disasters

G’day and welcome to this early podcast. Thanks for listening! 00:00 The Start 03:42 Furiosa Bombs at Box Office 11:08 Blade Movie Gets Re-Write 12:41 Brave New World Reshoots & Giancarlo Esposito Villain 15:13 The Deadpool & Wolverine Popcorn Bucket 17:35 Sony Announce More AI in Movies 20:50 Knives Out 3 Casting Round-Up 24:04 Chris (more…)

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Extended)

It’s time for move bad movies that did badly at the box office video game edition! This week, 2010’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time starring one Jacob Gyllenhaal as the titular Prince Dastan. It basically boiled down to this being Disney’s attempt at another Pirates of the Caribbean but instead of turning out like Pirates of the Caribbean it turned out like that bad Pirates of the Caribbean. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review

56: The Deadpool 3 You’ll Never See!

Welcome everybody to another episode of The Weekly Planet clickbait bonus show. Thanks for listening and remember, no snitches.

00:00 The Start

00:53 Ghostbusters Slimer Mystery

12:35 Deadpool 3 Cancelled

30:35 Ten Harsh Realities of Living on Giedi Prime

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62: On the Road with Roberta Giovedi

Hellooo and welcome to another special “Tonts on the Road” episode. This week with a beautiful story and speech by Roberta Giovedi. Hope you have a great week.

529: Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

What a day! What a lovely day for an early podcast. Thank you. Maso on the Re-Animates Podcast: 00:00 The Start 03:21 X-Men Movie Gets Writer 07:15 Vision MCU Disney Plus Series 09:55 Pixar Lay-Offs 11:56 Deadpool & Wolverine Promos 15:05 Liam Hemsworth’s The Witcher Reveal 17:18 Adam Wingard Leaves Godzilla x Kong Franchise (more…)

Max Payne (Extended)

We’re kicking off a brand new series with a look at four terrible video game movies that are bad and did badly. Starting with 2008’s Max Payne starring Mark Wahlberg. Aiming to capture the tragedy, action and frenetic energy of the original two games it absolutely does not. But at the same time as discussed it certainly takes the franchise to a new level. In a way. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review.

528: X-Men ’97

It’s here! Early podcast and a long awaited X-Men ’97 catchup. Thanks for listening 00:00 The Start 03:57 Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow Release Date 06:13 Daredevil & More MCU Release Dates 08:23 Spider-Man Noir Series with Nic Cage 11:16 Lara Croft Tomb Raider Amazon Series 18:06 Donnie Yen John Wick Spin-off Movie 19:55 House of (more…)

War for the Planet of the Apes (Extended)

With War for the Planet of the Apes we got the conclusion of the Caesar storyline. We’re now in a full on primate/human conflict with Caesar seeking revenge for the death of his wife and son against Woody Harrelson’s Colonel J. Wesley McCullough. On top of that we have the evolution of a virus that renders humans mute leading up to where we were in the original 1968 movie. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review

527: Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

Hello everyone, early podcast and KOTPOTA! New Do Go On podcast with Maso: 00:00 The Start 03:26 RIP Roger Corman 07:00 First Look at New DCU Superman 13:31 Marvel’s MCU Slowing Down 16:28 Galactus & More Fantastic Four Casting 19:30 Dwayne Johnson in the MCU (Rumour) 25:43 Batman: Caped Crusader Series First Look 26:59 (more…)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Extended)

It’s always dawn after the rise. I think. Something like that. Because this week we’re getting into Dawn of the Planet of the Apes with a returning Caesar (played again by Andy Serkis) trying to keep his primate community alive whilst battle external human forces and simian forces from within. With Matt Reeves now at the helm Planet of the Apes was bigger than ever! And the movies are good! Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review.

526: The Biggest Divas in Hollywood

It’s the most catty early episode you might’ve ever seen! Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 02:11 Chris Hemsworth’s Thor 4 Failure 06:02 Jeff Bridges Returns for Tron: Ares 08:41 One Company Buying Another Company 13:38 Mufasa: Lion King Trailer 17:23 The Boys Season 4 Trailer 22:02 Hellboy Movie AI Controversy 25:03 Dwayne Johnson’s Alleged (more…)

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Extended)

In 2011 the great minds over at 20th Century Fox decided to reboot the Planet of the Apes franchise but make it actually good. Aiming to be a retelling of the ape uprising and the origin of Caesar, a super intelligent chimpanzee played by Andy Serkis. Just apes and mates running amok. Thanks for checking out our Caravan Of Garbage review.

59: Mama Rising with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Journalist, Matrescence Activist and  Mama of three. After more than a decade covering breaking news and current affairs for the ABC around the country, her ‘traditional’ career took an unexpected turn when she found herself lost, overwhelmed and diagnosed with a thyroid disease after the birth of her first daughter. 14 years – and two more babies – later, she is now the best-selling Hay House author of Mama Rising, the host of the ‘The Happy Mama Movement’ podcast (with more than 400,000 downloads), an internationally awarded Life Coach, runs numerous online programs for mothers all over the world, expert contributor to media outlets around the globe, and the creator of the #1 itunes meditations for children with more than 23 million downloads ‘Bedtime Explorers’. In 2019, she launched her world first Matrescence Facilitator Training – Mama Rising – sharing her unique formula of coaching and support into mother’s transition through matrescence. In 2022, Mama Rising was recognised by the ICF and currently has more than 200 accredited Mama Rising coaches globally. 

525: The Fall Guy and Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer

Early podcast! Thanks for listening!! 04:36 Sony Movie Delays 08:08 Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer 17:58 Tom Cruise’s Latest Antics 20:01 28 Years Later Casting 21:32 Politics in Movies Controversy 25:27 The Fall Guy Review (spoilers 47:50 to 01:01:15) 01:01:15 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read 01:17:44 Letters, It’s Time For Letters Sorry mate, you (more…)

Mad Max: Fury Road (Extended)

Mel Gibson is out and Tom Hardy is in! Mad Max finally returned after a 30 year hiatus with Fury Road. This time around he’s tangled himself up with Immortan Joe, a warlord of the wastelands on a vengeful quest to retrieve his stolen brides from Charlize Theron’s Furiosa. And it turns out it’s a pretty good movie with all its stunts and cars and punching and explosions and whatever. Thanks for checking out our review

524: Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver

Wow. 00:00 The Start 03:03 Tarantino Drops Movie Critic Movie 11:53 Ma & Pa Kent Casting for Superman: Legacy 14:00 Keanu Reeves is Shadow the Hedgehog 15:10 One Punch Man Live Action Movie Latest 16:54 Trap Trailer 21:21 Transformers One Trailer 26:21 The US Office Reboot(?) 29:05 David Zazslav’s Big Paycheck 32:57 Rebel Moon – (more…)

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (Extended)

Mel Gibson’s run as Mad Max Rockatansky ended with Beyond Thunderdome in 1985. Set 15 years after the last it’s often considered the weakest of the original trilogy but it’s not without it’s moments. Including the inclusion of Tina Turner as Aunty Entity, a bungee cord death match, a tribe of lost children and Australia’s own Gary Stephen “Angry” Anderson. Thanks for listening to our Caravan Of Garbage review

523: Cinema Con & Civil War

Hello and welcome to this early and apolitical podcast. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 03:03 RDJ’s Iron Man Return 08:56 Zack Snyder on Batman Killing (Again) 12:04 Heroes Series Reboot 16:02 Cinema Con: Deadpool & Wolverine New Footage 20:38 First Look at Captain America: Brave New World 23:18 Thunberbolts* New Title Confirmed 25:37 Margot (more…)

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (Extended)

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior allowed director George Miller to take the concepts and character from the 1979 original and really put the boot in. That meant a bigger myth, bigger stunts, bigger men, more butts cut out of leather trousers. And the result was a lot of the iconic imagery we know of the character even today. Forty years on it still holds up and it’s influence has been felt across multiple other media properties. MAD MAX. Mad Max. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review.

522: Monkey Man Movie Review

Welcome everybody to an early podcast with James and Maso. Thanks for listening! Nick Mason Live Do Go On Show on April 14th! Tickets here: 00:00 The Start 03:31 RIP Chance Perdomo 04:46 Fantastic 4 Silver Surfer Casting 13:54 New Disney Film Release Dates 15:15 Indiana Jones’ Big Loss 16:55 Bob Iger’s Big Win (more…)

Mad Max (Extended)

Before there was Max Fury Road there was two other Mad Max movies and then the original Mad Max movie from 1979. The directorial debut of George Miller and the first feature film from Melvin Gibson it gave the Australian film industry the kick in the arse it needed with it’s influence the world over still being felt today. Crazy stunts, insane (or mad) performances and more Victorian Country Roads than you can possible imagine there’s a reason it’s legacy still endures. Thanks for watching.

55: Motherhood, Midwifery & Witchcraft with Clementine Ford (Part Two)

This is Part Two of my conversation with writer, feminist thinker and broadcaster Clementine Ford. Clementine Ford is a Melbourne based writer, speaker and feminist thinker. She is the author of four books, Fight Like A Girl, Boys will be Boys, How We Love and het latest book I Don’t the case against marriage. She (more…)

521: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

An early podcast with the new Godzilla & King Kong movie. Just two dudes being bros. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 05:43 Star Trek 4 Happening? 08:00 New Ghostbusters Series 15:53 Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot 20:36 MCU’s Thunderbolts Title Change 24:28 Fantastic 4 Movie Alternate Universe? 25:19 Spider-Man 4 Movie Director & Premise (more…)

King Kong 1933 (Extended)

We’re going back to where it all began, the original King Kong movie from 1933. It’s influence is still felt to this very day with it’s unique story, amazing use of stop motion coupled with rear projection and a symphonic score to accompany the iconic imagery. It’s easy to see why it became an instant classic and remains relevant in the year 2024. Thanks for watching.

54: Ten Harsh Realities of Indiana Jones

Welcome everybody to another episode of The Weekly Planet clickbait bonus show. Thanks for listening and remember, no snitches.

00:00 The Start

01:04 The Correct Rocky Movie Viewing Order

07:08 The Batman Sequel Update

11:53 Ten Harsh Realities of Indiana Jones

26:44 Ten Ways Something Aged Poorly

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520: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

Early podcast! Mad ghost? Thanks so much for the support. 00:00 The Start 02:30 Disney Big Business Drama 06:24 Late Night with The Devil AI Controversy 10:24 Future of AI in Hollywood Meeting 15:21 Teen Titan’s Live Action Movie 16:41 New James Bond is Aaron Taylor-Johnson? 21:10 Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Trailer 23:17 The (more…)

Godzilla 1954 (Extended)

It seems unlikely that the creators behind the 1954 original Japanese Godzilla movie could anticipated it not only remaining culturally relevant at least 70 years but also would eventually feature Godzilla and King King (sans metal gauntlet) traveling into the hollow earth to fight a race of giant orang utans or whatever happens in Godzilla V Kong. And yet here we are. Anyways, lets all take a look at where it all started. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review

54: Inside a Mother & Baby Unit with Sabrina Kennedy

TONTS. On The Road. This episode is part of series of episodes that were recorded on the road as part of my tour of the UK and Ireland last year. In this first on the road episode I talk to the incredibly kind Sabrina Kennedy Charge nurse at the Bristol New Horizon Mother and Baby (more…)

519: Best & Worst Legacy Sequels

Early podcast! We’ve got all the classics including delays (but don’t dismays), Star Wars news, MCU rumours and a big topic. Thanks for listening. Two Drunk Aunties with James (two episodes): 00:00 The Start 03:38 The Batman 2 Delayed 08:51 Venom: The Last Dance Moves Up 09:45 X-Men ’97 Head Writer Fired 12:55 The (more…)