Today I am joined by Dr Yves Rees. They are a La Trobe University historian, a podcaster, radio broadcaster and now an author of the brilliant, paradigm shifting memoir All About Yves. Yves’ book is searing and articulate, bringing to the fore with real clarity and insight what it was like for them to identify as trans. This book and their story is I think, really going to make a difference to so many people in both being able to articulate their own identity and also build empathy in people who haven’t had to examine their own gender or sexuality. Spliced with anecdotes from the history of trans people and vivid moments in Yves own life I really recommend you get yourself a copy of this wonderful memoir and settle in for a fascinating chat about gender, identity, history and finding the magic parts of yourself that perhaps even you didn’t realise were there. Yves encourages us to live the questions and I couldn’t agree more.

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