This conversation you’re about to hear today is with an old friend of mine who I met through volunteering with kids from tricky back grounds, taking them on camps over the school holidays.

This is actually inadvertently how I met my husband man James too but that’s a story for another day. Sandeep Varma is someone I’ve always admired for his intelligence, tenacity, positivity and kindness. He is someone who knows a lot about advocacy, especially in helping young people and children in his work as a lawyer. Deep also knows about shifting the way we think, about mindsets, changing the way we think about masculinity and the value of aligning your work with your values. Sandeep is a Dad to two little humans who is also the founder and CEO of SAARI Collective a media start up and community for South Asian Australians. He is passionate about amplifying South Asian voices, building community, anti-racism and delivering social change. He has worked across so many sectors with roles such as a speechwriter, lawyer, leader and advocate for children’s rights. Deep is also the board chair at 100 Story Building, a social enterprise for young creative writers and in all his spare time is also the four time Australian Chilli cooking champion for his famous chilli con carne. Settle in for a lovely wide ranging conversation I dare you to not be inspired by Sandeep Varma.

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