Benjamin Law grew up in Queensland, gay, Asian and from a big, hilarious, hardworking family. Benjamin is my guest this week and he is a writer of books and TV shows and plays.

You might recognise him from the award winning SBS TV series The Family Law based on his memoir of the same name. He is also warm and articulate and funny. Benjamin wrote a book on sex and relationship advice called Law School with his mum Jenny Phang who also happens to be in his wonderful documentary series for the ABC called Waltzing the Dragon where he explores his Cantonese roots and the relationship Australia has with China. Not only does Benjamin share his coming out story in this episode he also talks about what it is like to have your parents divorce when you are 12 and the racism that he experienced when the red headed politician Pauline Hanson swept into popularity in the 90s on an incredibly racist, anti Asian platform. He has a PHD in creative writing, has written many pieces including the Quarterly Essay Moral Panic 101 and was editor of Growing up Queer in Australia. He also co-hosts a weekly pop culture show called Stop Everything. Benjamin’s writing is at once moving and funny, walking that line of making you laugh while hitting you with searing honesty and it was a joy to meet him. Here he is all the way from Adelaide quarantine, Benjamin Law.

For more from Benjamin you can head to and here is a recommendation recipe from Ben for Chinese Chicken Congee

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