Freya Lawler is a bachelor qualified nutritionist, naturopath and natural fertility educator specialising in reproductive health, fertility and hormones. She is passionate about helping people achieve whole body wellness through a root-cause approach to women’s health. In this episode we talk PCOS and gut health, fertility, heavy periods, PMS and PMDD, how to eat better for our blood sugar levels, alcohol and how it effects us as we age, breastfeeding from a nutrition perspective, perimenopause and menopause. To find specific answers to questions that are especially relevant to you, you can follow the time codes below.

00:00 Becoming a Naturopath

01:45 Love For Farmers

04:16 Power of Nature

07:32 Support Hormonal Health

15:50 Other Conditions

18:13 Claire’s Story

19:50 What To Do and Why Adrenals Are Important

23:42 Dangers

30:24 Perimenopause

39:26 What To Do with PMDD

41:48 Balance Mood with Food

44:34 The Plate Rule

46:34 The Order We Eat Stuff

49:15 PCOS

55:11 Alcohol and Hormones

01:01:58 Nausea with Periods

01:04:04 Breastfeeding

01:07:25 Where To Find Help

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Instagram: @freyalawlernaturo


You can find more from Claire Tonti at or on instagram @clairetonti

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