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Freya Lawler joins me again today to deep dive into Endometriosis, a condition that effects so many women and is still chronically under diagnosed and often misunderstood. Freya Lawler is a bachelor qualified nutritionist, naturopath and natural fertility educator specialising in reproductive health, fertility and hormones. She is passionate about helping people achieve whole body wellness through a root-cause approach to women’s health. In this episode we talk specifically about the paths to diagnosis for Endo, the common symptoms, what to look out for in our teenage girls who may be getting their period for the first time, methods of treatment and life style and dietary approaches that can really make a difference in you or someone you know suffers from this condition. Freya also has some wonderful resources you can access from her website and an Endometriosis starter kit that will help equip you with lots of strategies, good quality, well researched support and knowledge.

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