TONTS. On The Road.

This episode is part of series of episodes that were recorded on the road as part of my tour of the UK and Ireland last year. In this first on the road episode I talk to the incredibly kind Sabrina Kennedy Charge nurse at the Bristol New Horizon Mother and Baby Unit. The unit is the smallest in the UK and is a 4-bed South West regional service providing treatments and interventions to meet the physical and mental health needs of mothers and their infants. Our 24-hour inpatient service supports, assists and supervises each mother to help develop the relationship with their infant. This episode is so precious to me as Sabrina explains so beautifully what it’s really like inside this kind of facility and the nature of the work, caring for mothers at risk who are in deep pain and in need of compassion and support. I felt so privileged after this episode to be able to sing for the women in the unit. Such a beautiful memory.

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