It’s a best of the year clip show! Featuring suggestible things to watch, read and listen to. Hosted by James Clement @mrsundaymovies, Claire Tonti @clairetonti and not Nick Mason @wikipediabrown. Thank you so much for listening.

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00:00 The Start

01:15 What up dawg, it’s your boy…

04:00 The Time Traveler’s Sperm

12:55 Why Did You Say That Name?!

20:24 Septurtles Finally Begins

35:10 Good Bones Poem (Again)

41:33 Two Little James Appearances?

48:09 James Meets a Genie

54:39 Love is Blind Reunion & Rants

01:46:06 Bridgerton Bees

01:12:48 Assorted Songs by Claire & James

1:28:02 Short Kings & Rat Catchers

01:40:13 Claire’s Surprise & Sad Story

01:46:04 Mario Strikers: Battle League

01:52:15 Claire Reacts to Thor: Love and Thunder

02:01:04 Claire Reacts to Avatar: The Way of Water

02:06:16 The Poo Transformer

02:11:37 The Project Hail Mary Saga

02:21:20 The Spookiest Time of Year

02:43:51 Santa Baby Singalong & Bonus Track

02:58:19 Outro with James & Claire

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