My guest today is Holly Wainwright, much beloved podcaster of both Mamamia Outloud and the parenting show This Glorious Mess. She is head of content for the Mamamia women’s media company and Holly’s honest, funny and relatable voice is one of my favourites in the Australian podcast landscape. She is an author of three books The Mummy Bloggers, How to be Perfect and her most recent novel, I Give My Marriage A Year which husband man James and I both loved. We talk about her career as a journalist and editor, what it was like working in celebrity magazines in the 90s, being an expat during a global pandemic and what it is to be a mum in 2021. Holly makes so many of us feel seen and champions the idea that we all need to write ourselves an I don’t list. She unpacks what it means to have Superwoman Syndrome why it’s BS and an impossible task and I found her take on life with a career and kids and the juggle so refreshing and frankly very comforting. We also deep dive into her favourite movie When Harry met Sally and what a joy it is to look at all the problematic bits and Nora Ephron’s ground breaking writing.

For more from Holly Wainwright you can visit her website or you can find her on her podcasts Mamamia Outloud and This Glorious Mess or buy her books from all good bookstores.

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