Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow up in a secretive Christian sect? And what happens if you leave? My guest today Laura Conti has done just that and not only left but thrived. Her story is one of fierce tenacity, feminist principles and the power of a good education. More than that though, what I admire most about Laura’s story is her bravery in telling her truth and how speaking out can set you free. The sect she grew up in is called The Truth and is highly secretive with members across Australia, the USA and the EU. Former members of The Truth confirm the group hold fundamentalist Christian beliefs, where TV, movies, dancing, drinking, smoking, swearing, and gambling is described as the “devil’s work”. Women are expected to dress modestly and wear their long, uncut hair pinned in a bun; they are not allowed to follow current fashion trends, or wear makeup or jewellery. Men must have their hair cut short. Only “Workers” are allowed to marry outside of The Truth, and according to former member Elizabeth Coleman, “Children in the sect are told that if they stray, bad things will happen – a lightning strike, for example, being hit by a runaway bus, or an illness.”

Laura was a joy to talk to you and I can’t wait for you to hear this episode.

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