Carley McGauran has been a psychologist for 15 years. In her work she has spent time with kids, young adults and their families assisting them with her sage advice about everything from how to process emotions, practice self-soothing and manage trauma to what the bloody hell we should all do about iPhones and screen time. She is the other half of the company Inform and Empower run with her brother Marty who I spoke to in a previous episode about Cyber Safety and TikTok. This episode is an extension of my chat with Marty but also includes just some of the best life and parenting advice I think I have ever heard. Carley puts things in a straight forward, warm and compassionate way and makes big parenting milestones feel manageable and achievable. At this time in 2021 when the world feels increasingly difficult and confronting, I found her advice so comforting and I hope you do too.

Inform and Empower: Cyber Safety Education helps schools and parents navigate the incredibly difficult task of protecting and educating our kids through the online space, social media and technology.

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