My guest today is Zahra Biabani from Soulful Seeds. Zahra is a climate activist and influencer. I found her through the Suggestible podcast community and immediately resonated so much with her work. Her instagram and TikTok accounts are called Soulful Seeds and her message is all about figuring out how to live with the planet in mind. No small ask. Zahra is a bloody good dancer and each video she makes is her rocking out some sweet moves while sharing the latest climate research. It really helps as some of this stuff is really hard to read and the way she shares it makes you not feel completely hopeless. She also shares weekly earth wins which I think are my favourite parts of her content. Zahra is also an activist against modern day slavery a topic I quickly realised I knew nothing about until I started speaking to Zahra and listening to her story and the story she shared from the lived experience of a friend in her home town. We look at the intersection of trafficking and climate justice through one of her favourite movies Slumdog Millionaire. Zahra has just graduated from the Vanderbilt University studying Environmental Sociology and minoring in Earth and Environmental Sciences and Human and Organizational Development, with a focus on Community Development.

Tucked away in our backyard studio just before Christmas I had a late night conversation with Zahra that changed my perspective on a lot of things I thought I understood.


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