Huge week for trailers! Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange, Nine Lives, TMNT2! Classics, every one of them.

Plus we talk casting for Kingsman 2, Thor: Ragnarok, the Han Solo solo movie, MIB23, Spider-man. WE also get into MIB23, inexplicable Avatar sequels forever, Deadpool 2 and other stuff. Plus Jason Statham fights a giant shark the movie? Yes please.

2:02 Channing Tatum joins Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle

10:23 Spider-man Homecoming & Michael Keaton Casting

18:09 The Killing Joke Is R Rated

18:55 Tessa Thompson joining Thor: Ragnarok

19:51 Star Wars Stuff

23:16 Avatar Sequels, so many

29:46 Jungle Book 2

31:10 Ben Affleck Solo Batman Film

33:32 Suicide Squad Blitz Trailer

35:07 Jared Leto Joker

41:11 Back to the trailer

53:24 MIB23

58:11 New Young Han Solo

1:05:30 Nine Lives Trailer

1:07:43 Doctor Strange Trailer

1:21:23 TMNT2 Trailer…3?

1:23:24 Deadpool 2 News

1:23:53 Jason Statham Fights A Shark

1:26:09 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:30:46 Letters It’s Time For Letters