449: Actors Who Said Never Again

Whoa, it’s an earlier and longer podcast. Thanks for listening! 00:00 The Start 03:55 Star Trek 4 Delays 08:02 Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes 10:12 The Last of Us Trailer 11:51 Darth Vader Retires 13:58 Bruce Willis AI Acting 18:39 Werewolf By Night Early Reactions 20:12 Harrison Ford as Thunderbolt Ross Rumour 25:30 (more…)

448: Andor! Star Wars!

Extra early podcast! Star Wars! Thanks for listening! 00:00 The Start 05:22 Marvel’s Iron Man Game 18:11 Black Adam Footage Removed 20:03 James Bond Casting 24:38 She Hulk Catch-Up 25:54 Jessica Jones & The Punisher in MCU 27:32 Hulu’s Hellraiser Trailer 31:02 Knock at the Cabin Trailer 32:59 Ironheart Suit Leak 33:50 New Avatar Post (more…)

447: Nope! Prey! DC’s Sandman! Pinocchio?

Early podcast! Catching up on the latest Kea-news and some big things we missed over the summer break. Thanks for listening! 04:50 Keanu Reeves Constantine Sequel 12:55 Marvel Movie Delays (But Don’t Dismays) 15:36 Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Cancelled 18:20 Karate Kid Sequel Movie 20:29 Blade Runner 2099 Sequel Series 28:29 Nope Review (spoilers 35:40 (more…)

446: D23 Expo 2022!

Long live the early podcast and thank you for the support. 00:00 The Start 03:32 Joker 2 isn’t a Joker Movie – HOT SCOOP! 07:28 Black Adam Trailer 11:14 DC’s Kevin Feige Search 14:21 Joker’s Real Name Revealed 19:05 The Origin of Marvel Leaks 22:17 D23 Expo 2022 24:28 Assorted Marvel Video Games 27:07 Black (more…)

445: The Never Ending DC Disaster

NEW PODCAST! Welcome back everybody to an early ad-free edition of The Weekly Planet podcast where we catch up on all the things missed and much more. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 03:54 Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler 09:35 Fantastic Four Casting & Director 14:08 She Hulk Did a Twerk 20:10 The Rings (more…)

444: Comic Con 2022! Woo!

Early podcast covering everything from SDCC this weekend! Thank you so much for the support and woo. 00:00 The Start 04:24 Zack Snyder is Lex Luthor 12:31 Mortal Kombat Sequel 14:30 Halloween Ends Trailer 15:42 National Treasure: Edge of History Teaser 16:59 John Wick: Chapter Four Trailer 18:29 Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Trailer (more…)

443: Marvel Phase Four Catch Up

More like Marvel Phase phwoar this is a long one so lets catch up in an early podcast. 00:00 The Start 03:29 The Boys Spin-Off Series 07:06 Trailers Ahoy! 09:51 The Munsters Trailer 15:43 Russo Bros on Secret Wars and Cinema 22:36 Multiverse of Madness Facts Revealed 25:10 Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Casting 25:38 Dr (more…)

442: Thor: Love and Thunder & The Boys Season 3

Early podcast all about the newest marvel movie! Thanks thor listening. 00:00 The Start 03:36 Tony Sirico & James Caan RIP 06:21 Daredevil Echo Series Hot Scoop or Shot of Poop Update 10:02 Duffer Brothers Death Note Movie 12:07 Cranky James Cameron on Avatar Sequels 18:31 Superman Speculation 20:35 Captain America 4 Director 23:07 Taika (more…)

441: Best/Worst of Star Trek and Comic Con Preview

The earliest and longest podcast you’ll ever see. Thanks for listening! 00:00 The Start 07:39 James Bond Future 14:58 Madame Web Movie Changes 20:03 Ghostbusters Afterlife 2 23:36 Taika Waititi’s Star Wars Film 28:45 Marvel Comic Con Preview 30:52 Namor First Look 33:46 DC Comic Con Preview 37:46 Millie Bobby Brown joins Russo Bros’ The (more…)

440: Kraven the Animal Lover & Umbrella Academy Season 3

Early podcasts and #SPUMM returns! Umbrella Academy review is also spoiler-free. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 04:00 John Williams Retirement 07:44 Buzz Lightyear Box Office Bomb 11:21 New Green Hornet Movie 14:47 Kraven the Hunter Character Changes 22:00 Kal Kestis Star Wars Series 24:02 George R.R Martin details Jon Snow Series 28:37 Dog Time (more…)

439: Lightyear!

Such an early podcast! Ahhhh! 00:00 The Start 02:15 Ezra Miller Flash Situation 06:03 Comic Artist Legend, Tim Sale RIP 07:56 Most Expensive Comic Artwork Ever 12:43 Game of Thrones Jon Snow Spin-off 16:53 Squid Game Sequel and Netflix Reality Show 24:18 Knives Out Sequel Gets Title 26:44 Wonder Man MCU Series 29:46 Guy Ritchie (more…)

438: Jurassic World: Dominion

Life finds a way and so does early podcast. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 03:17 Spider-Man No Way Home More Fun Stuff Extended Edition 05:25 Thunderbolts MCU Movie 14:13 Duke Nukem Movie 16:50 Prey Predator Prequel Trailer 20:40 Black Adam Trailer 27:16 The Sandman Trailer 30:45 The Boys Renewed for Season Four 32:47 Joker (more…)

437: The Boys Season Three & Morbius Returns

Monthbius is back and so are The Boys with this early edition of a podcast time. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 04:05 Morbius Returns 11:36 DC Movie Shake-Up 20:42 The Hunger Games Prequel 24:07 The District 9 Sequel 26:35 Ray Liotta RIP 28:22 Deadpool in the MCU 30:08 The Boys Season Three – First (more…)

436: Star Wars Celebration and Top Gun: Maverick

Hello best friend, it’s a new episode of The Weekly Planet! 00:00 The Start 04:06 Seth Green NFT Drama 11:14 Winnie the Pooh Horror 13:32 Warner Bros Unhappy with J. J. Abrams 18:34 Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer 25:15 The Gray Man Trailer 26:35 Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Trailer 31:39 Star Wars Celebration and Skeleton (more…)

435: She Hulk and Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers

An exclusive, early look at The Weekly Planet podcast show. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 02:43 Daredevil Disney Plus Series 06:59 Agent Carter Series 10:15 Stan Lee Cameos to Return? 16:06 Star Wars News 18:51 Jon Watts Directed Series 21:20 The Acolyte Series 22:57 Kevin Feige’s Star Wars Movie 24:37 Missing Star Wars Projects (more…)

434: Big News & Extra Multiverse of Madness

It’s an early podcast but don’t dismays. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 04:36 George Pérez RIP 06:48 New Frank Miller Company 09:21 Snyder’s Justice League Award Rigged 16:25 Morbius’ Spider-Man Cut 19:53 MODOK Cancelled 21:38 CW Shows Cancelled 23:50 Adam Driver Megalopolis Movie 27:47 Alan Ritchson joins Fast X 28:33 Dan Stevens joins Godzilla (more…)

433: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

I looked forward in time, I saw 14,000,605 weekly planet podcasts. How many were episode 433? Just this one I reckon. 00:00 The Start 02:59 Fast X Fallout 11:04 New Doctor Who 13:02 House of Dragons Trailer 15:18 Obi-Wan Kenobi Trailer 22:53 Avatar 2 Trailer 27:32 Darkman Sequel 29:05 Dr Strange in the Multiverse of (more…)

432: Best Movie Cameos Ever

Early podcast! Brace yourself for cameo madness with this guide to some others that might’ve happened. 00:00 The Start 03:14 Neal Adams RIP 06:36 Fast X Director Leaves 14:51 Fantastic Four Director Leaves 17:43 Andrew Garfield Filming Amazing Spider-Man 3 20:09 New Movie Titles 24:55 The Batman 2 Happening 26:18 Ghostbusters: Afterlife Sequel 27:47 SPUMM (more…)

431: The Northman & Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer

Hey, did you hear that just then? I think it was an early podcast. Thanks for listening. Gustav and Henri by Andy Matthews: https://bit.ly/3KPHES6 Do Go On Live Show with Maso: https://play.acast.com/s/do-go-on/339-the-island-of-dr-morea 00:00 Dog Time 02:58 Thor: Love and Thunder Teaser 15:39 Minecraft Movie 18:19 Netflix Troubles 28:50 Ezra Miller Bad News 32:00 Delays But (more…)

430: Everything Everywhere All At Once

Everything (this podcast) Everywhere (just bigsandwich.co) All At Once (a bit early). Total Reboot with The Weekly Planet: https://bit.ly/3MCWXP2 Do Go On Live with Nick Mason coming soon: https://play.acast.com/s/do-go-on 00:00 The Start 03:18 DC Universe Overhaul 15:36 Ezra Miller Flash Comic Controversy 16:42 Fantastic Beasts Censored in China 19:52 Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness Rating (more…)

429: Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Got A Secret

An early, magical podcast full of fun, secrets and a wizard hitler. 00:00 The Start 01:59 Will Smith Backlash 06:31 Morbius Method Acting 09:15 Brie Larson joins Fast 10 11:17 Nicolas Cage AMA 14:14 Tyrese Gibson Tricked 16:41 Thor 4 Villain Leaks (minor spoilers) 19:18 New Sherlock Series 20:17 Raimi Spider-Man 4 Possible 22:35 Star (more…)

428: MORBIUS. Morbius

Best Monthbius Ever! 00:00 The Start 05:02 The Oscars 19:03 Bruce Willis Retires 23:06 Ezra Miller Arrested 28:39 Disney Re-Edits Marvel Shows 32:27 IT Prequel Series 35:08 The Crow Returns 36:53 Mission Impossible Drama 41:55 Kenobi Series Delays (But Don’t Dismays) 42:27 Morbius Review (spoilers 51:55 to 01:21:50) 01:04:36 Morbius Post Credits 01:21:50 What We (more…)

427: Worst Movie & Series Spin-Offs

Monthbius cannot and will not be stopped! And apologies for the delay, James (me) did the edit and we recorded later than usual. Business as usual next week.  Cheers! 0:00 The Start 3:31 The Batman Joker deleted scene (spoilers) 10:11 Voltron movie moving forward 13:06 Netflix be cancelling 15:33 Spider-Man be looking bad 19:49 Nova (more…)

426: Best/Worst Movie & Series Spin-Offs

Happy early podcast and a merry new Monthbius everyone. Thanks for everything. 00:00 The Start 03:49 Avatar 2 News 07:53 Halo Trailer 09:18 Ms. Marvel Trailer 15:54 Nick Fury’s MCU Future 17:32 Mason’s One Bit of News 19:35 MCU Daredevil Reboot Series 20:45 Harley Quinn Animated Spin-Off 21:55 Scream Six Stuff 25:19 Iredeemable Netflix Series (more…)

425: Kenobi Trailer and DC Delays (but don’t dismays)

Boy howdy do we have an early podcast this week. Thanks for sticking with us. 00:00 The Start 04:09 She Hulk First Look 05:58 Blade’s MCU Debut 07:48 Choose Your Own Daredevil (08:43 Ben Affleck or 10:23 New Daredevil) 12:10 Florence Pugh’s Dune News 14:10 God of War TV Series 18:28 Mason’s One Bit of (more…)

424: The Batman is…

Robat Battinbat is here! Thanks for listening and all the support. 00:00 The Start 06:12 Marvel Netflix Solution 07:35 New Alien Movie 14:58 Bullet Train Trailer 17:39 The Bubble Trailer 20:29 Futurama Drama 22:02 I Am Legend Sequel 24:51 Dog Time 28:31 The Batman (spoilers 59:04 to 01:19:28) 01:19:28 What We Reading, What We Gonna (more…)

423: Ranking The Batman Movies

What’s up dawg, it’s your early podcast! No spoilers for the new ‘The Batman’ although James has seen it. Thanks for listening mate. 00:00 The Start 05:47 The Batman’s Penguin Spin-Off 08:03 Robat Battinbat Big Suit News 08:49 Steven Spielberg’s Bullitt 14:51 Tom Holland’s James Bond Pitch 17:43 Russo Brother Multiverse Warning 19:59 Charlie Cox (more…)

422: Peacemaker & Uncharted

Ello, it’s an early podcast talkin’ all about Peacemaker an’ the Unchar’ed mooovie starring yours truly Tom ‘Olland. Be right back though while I go down the shops and buy a sausage roll from Greggs core blimey maybe also a Freddo. 00:00 The Start 04:18 Ivan Reitman RIP 06:36 Stranger Things Release 08:34 The Oscars’ (more…)

421: Book of Boba Fett & Trailers Ahoy!

Hello there, may the early podcast be with you. Star Wars. 00:00 The Start 03:11 The Oscars Spider-Man Snub 06:10 Kenobi Release Details 08:34 Zack Snyder’s Star Wars 11:47 The Adam Project Teaser 14:55 Futurama Returns 19:22 Blade Runner Amazon Series 24:56 Mission Impossible Finale Plans 30:14 More Star Wars Sequels 33:23 New Moon Knight (more…)

420: Moonfall

Is this podcast early or are you just high? Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 03:07 Loki Season Two Preview 04:20 Madame Webb Casting 09:51 Book of Boba Fett Credits 12:00 Kenobi Comic Coming Soon 13:24 Suicide Squad Game Delay 15:45 Channings Tatums Gambit News 18:20 Moonfall – Pretty Much Spoiler Review (even more spoilers (more…)

419: Most Anticipated Movies and Shows 2022

We’re back! Please accept this early podcast, thanks for listening and who ate all my pasghetti   00:00 The Start 03:26 Arnie is Zeus 04:53 Peacemaker & Suicide Squad Spin-Offs 08:11 Jason Momoa joins Fast & Furious 10:32 Mortal Kombat Sequel 11:56 Mission Impossible Delays 13:02 Tom Cruise in the MCU 14:20 Morbius Delayed 15:13 (more…)

418: The Best & Worst of 2021

Early blockbuster podcast! Thanks for listening mate. 00:00 The Start 05:13 Betty White RIP 06:26 The Rock vs Vin Diesel 14:09 The Batman Trailer 16:50 No More Matrix 23:04 Tom Holland Big Dollars 28:50 DCEU Huge Changes   38:35 Best & Worst of 2021 Awards 39:41 Best Marvel Series 44:06 Best MCU Property 46:06 Best (more…)

417: The Matrix Resurrections

Merry Snake Eyes everyone, thanks for listening. Vote here in our Best/Worst of the Year awards https://forms.gle/8aFShmP9tmSo7s317 00:00 The Start 05:24 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Trailer 11:43: New Uncharted Trailer 15:21 Death on the Nile Trailer 17:21 Michael Keaton joins Batgirl 20:36 General Zod Returns for The Flash 25:05 Ghostbusters Game and Movie (more…)

416: Spider-Man: No Way Home

The most wonderful early podcast time of year! Have a great one everyone. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 03:43 Thor 4 Poster 05:12 Kick Ass Reboot 09:21 Blue Beetle Release 10:22 Early Matrix 4 Reactions 11:31 Tom Holland is Fred Astaire 14:34 Dr Strange Reshoots 17:12 Black Panther Recasts & Returns 18:40 Dumbledore’s Got (more…)

415: Ghostbusters: Afterlife & Game Awards Trailers

Early podcast! 00:00 The Start 00:45 Suggestible and the City (spoilers 01:25 to 03:05) 04:47 Cowboy Bebop Cancelled 07:31 The Game Awards 08:46 Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Gameplay Trailer 11:45 Wonder Woman Solo Game Announced 13:56 The Matrix Unreal Engine Experience 15:21 The Matrix: Resurrections Trailer 17:47 Star Wars: Eclipse Teaser 23:06 Fantastic (more…)