403: Malignant and Hawkeye Trailer

Merry early podcast everyone. 00:00 The Start 02:10 Timecodes Below 02:26 Timecodes Below 2: Time Goes Bananas 03:35 Denis Villeneuve on Marvel Movies 08:38 Christopher Nolan Universal Demands 14:20 Twins Sequel Triplets 16:00 Indiana Jones Switch Up 21:10 Marvel Zombies Live Action 22:37 Spider-Man: No Way Home Leaks 25:43 Venom and Spider-Man Crossover 27:10 Penguin (more…)

402: The Matrix and New Marvel Games

It’s trailers ahoy in this extra early podcast! Honk. Total Reboot with James: play.acast.com/s/total-reboot 00:00 The Start 04:32 Michael K. Williams RIP 07:27 Mad Max Furiosa Delayed 08:32 Venom 2 Release Date 09:38 The Eternals is a Theater Exclusive 10:45 Halloween Kills on Streaming 12:32 No Time To Die Runtime 14:32 Next Nolan Movie Details (more…)

401: Best Comic Character Movies – Part Two!

Go bananas for part two of the thing in this early podcast! Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 03:42 Venom 2 Rated 04:32 Delays But Don’t Dismays 09:44 Spider-Man: No Way Home Moved 11:43 Moonfall Trailer 15:01 No Time To Die Final Trailer 17:56 Netflix’s Red Notice Trailer 22:34 Return of The Rocketeer 30:01 New (more…)

400: Episode 400!!

Happy podcast everyone. Thank you so much for listening. 00:00 The Start 07:11 Delays But Don’t Dismays 08:41 New Multiverse of Madness Big Name Characters 15:05 Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer 29:27 Marvel Halloween Special 32:25 The Matrix 4 Footage 40:07 SPUMM Update 42:03 The Definitive Best Movie for Each Comic Book Character! 01:21:46 What (more…)

399: Movies about being trapped!

We trapped. Locked inside. But that did not stop us recording this podcast on both the big news of the week and also us going through some of the best and worst bottle movies aka movies set in one location. WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE STOPPED. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 04:57 The (more…)

398: Best & Worst Movies About Video Games

Hurrah! An early podcast where you also don’t even need to have seen a movie that only just released. 00:00 The Start 06:19 Shang Chi Releasing Exclusively in Cinemas 07:46 Warner Bros Digital Release Change 09:42 Delays But Not Dismays? 14:46 Venom 2 Release Date Moved 16:04 Marvel’s Multiple Animated Series 18:04 Moon Knight Costume (more…)

397: The Suicide Squad

What are we some kind of guy who knows everything about anime? Thanks so much for listening. 00:00 The Start 06:46 Chronicle Sequel 11:22 Delays But Don’t Dismays 12:24 Venom 2 Trailer 15:08 Amazon’s Lord of the Rings First Look 15:59 South Park Big Deals 17:29 Y: The Last Man Trailer 19:51 He’s All That (more…)

396: Jungle Cruise: The Rock’s Tiny Tugboat

Toot toot and an early podcast. This week, we’ve got all the classics with Schrödinger’s bat, trailers ahoy and everyone’s favourite Star Wars news. Thanks for listening mate. 00:00 The Start 04:09 Batfleck Returns 06:43 J.K. Simmons in Batgirl Series 07:49 Die Hard 6 Cancelled 08:35 Predator 5 Premise Reveal 12:13 Netflix News Roundup 21:18 (more…)

392: The Tomorrow War & Best Time Travel Methods

Travel into the future and listen to tomorrow when the podcast began. 00:00 The Start 04:21 Atlantis War in Black Panther 2 06:21 Tarantino’s Last Movie 11:35 Many Saints of Newark Trailer 13:05 Dexter Killer Returns 13:38 Optimus Pearlman in New Transformers 14:22 Masters of the Universe Trailer 17:00 Weird WandaVision Addition 19:55 New Fast (more…)

391: Fast and Furious 9 & New Trailers Ahoy

Delays but don’t dismays. This week we’re living life 40% of a mile at a time with the return of the Fast and Furious family in F9. Plus we get into all these new movie trailers including some surprising cameos in Shang Chi and a shot of controversy regarding Superman in James Gunn’s The Suicide (more…)

390: Best and Worst Disney Remakes

It’s a topic episode! And an extra early one for big sandwich legends. No snitches. 00:00 The Start 04:52 Black Widow Embargo 07:23 The Flash & Supergirl First Look 09:17 The Suicide Squad Runtime 10:30 Morbius, Spider-Man and #SPUMM 12:37 Gerry Butler’s Greenland Sequel 15:32 Guardians of the Galaxy Game 20:12 Nintendo E3 Reveals 25:18 (more…)

389: E3, Elden Ring, Avatar, Star Wars News!

Coming exclusively to Big Sandwich consoles… it’s this early podcast. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 05:24 Aquaman 2 Title 08:51 Indiana Jones 5 13:30 Andor’s Rogue One Returns 14:52 Book of Boba Fett Finished 17:22 She Hulk Villain Cast 21:19 Lord of the Rings Anime (?) 24:02 Masters of the Universe Trailer 27:09 Soldier (more…)

387: A Quiet Place Part II & Joker 2

Look at this gosh darn podcast! Thanks for the ongoing support! 00:00 The Start 4:31 Trailers ahoy! 4:50 Jungle Cruise 6:35 Old 8:17 Last Night In Soho 9:28 Dexter 11:10 The Tomorrow War & Infinite 14:57 The Eternals 25:36 JJ Abrams on planning movies 29:40 Oscar Isaac is Moon Knight 30:00 More Okoye fon Disney (more…)

386: Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead

Early podcast for lovers of a prestige big sandwiche. 00:00 The Start 04:33 Star Wars News 08:25 Indiana Jones in Space 12:19 Amazon Buying James Bond 19:46 Henry Cavill in Highlander Reboot 21:42 New DCEU Casting, Costumes, Movies and Shows 26:47 AT&T’s WarnerMedia and Discovery Deal Something   28:20 Army of the Dead Review (Spoilers (more…)

383: Invincible Season One

Early podcast for Mason’s best friends! Timecodes below for Invincible show and comic spoilers. Thanks for listening. Have a good time. 00:00 The Start 04:44 The Oscars 11:53 Rotten Tomatoes Charts 13:54 Delays But Not Dismays 14:58 Captain America 4 17:04 Loki Series Synopsis 18:42 Green Lantern Cast 23:29 The Meg 2 Confirmed 24:22 He (more…)

382: Shang Chi Trailer and Mortal Kombat 2021

Extra early podcast audio and Mortal Krivia for you. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 03:20 Sony Sign Netflix Deal 06:36 Vin Diesel Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em 08:56 Batman v Superman News! 12:34 Shang Chi Teaser Trailer 21:02 Russell Crowe Thor 4 Reveal 27:37 The Suicide Squad Locked 29:03 Keaton Confirmed for The Flash 30:14 (more…)

381: Franchise Brought Back from the Dead

Bridge out with this early release of The Weekly Planet podcast. 00:00 The Start 03:51 F9 Trailer 09:28 Army of the Dead Trailer 11:07 The Batman and The Winter Soldier 16:21 Mark Millar’s Starlight Movie 17:41 Lord of the Rings Series Budget 19:27 Spider-Man: No Way Home Details 24:19 Live Action Gundam Movie 26:52 Interesting (more…)

380: Biggest Movies By Decade

It’s time to Bridge-Out this week with the biggest movies of all time! We’re covering the box office of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s! Plus we talk more delays (but not dismays), WB movie news and the Justice League Exposé, the new Netflix Sony deal, Spider-Man 4 rumors, Black Widow’s release, Indiana Jones 5 and (more…)

379: Godzilla vs. Kong is…

If you wanted a review of the movie Godzilla VS Kong then you have arrived at a very fortuitous time. We talk about that as well as trailers for Spiral, The Suicide Squad, Rick & Morty Season 5, Space Jam 2 (but not really), the Thundercats movie, more delays and two huge cancellations for DC, (more…)

378: Invincible and Snyderverse News Forever

Great stuff and welcome. This week we review the first three episodes of Invincible! Plus bad news for Zack Snyder fans, more delays but a definitive release date for Black Widow, the first The Suicide Squad trailer, Transformers trundles along, Ghost Of Tsushima gets a movie, so much DC news along with the of a (more…)

377: Zack Snyder’s Justice League is…

Early podcast for great mates! It’s finally here! Review starts around 17 minutes. It’s Justice League time. Again. But this time for real because it’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League and buy do we have thoughts. But before that we talk the death of Yaphet Kotto, more movie delays, the Black Widow release date, Star Wars (more…)

376: Small Details Which Take You Out of the Movie

Happy new podcast and a thank you for listening.

00:00 The Start

03:08 Snyder Cut Leak

08:26 Original WandaVision Plans

11:49 Early Falcon and Winter Soldier Reactions

14:22 Disney Plus Subscriber Milestone

16:38 Black Widow Cinema Release

17:15 James Gunn Shoots Down

20:46 Pepe Le Pew Cancelled

22:47 New Number One Movie

24:57 Small Details Which Be Taking You Out of the Movie

01:11:39 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:46:35 Letters, It’s Time For Letters

375: WandaVision wrap up!

We’re back and not a moment too soon or we’re too early or late. This week we give our final thoughts on WandaVision and the beginning of this new era of Marvel story telling.

Plus news of more delays, Space Jam 2 in hot water, Superman & Lois gets a season 2, Zack Snyder Justice League news, a Kenobi and Cassian Andor crossover plus The Mutants might finally be getting a reboot. Thanks for listening!

00:00 The Start

04:25 Delays But Don’t Dismays

05:48 Space Jam 2 Controversy

12:27 Superman and Lois Season 2

13:13 Zack Snyder Justice News

25:39 Kenobi Joins Cassian Andor

26:21 The Mutants Movie Rumour

28:13 WandaVision Full Season Spoiler Review

53:05 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

59:41 Letters, It’s Time For Letters

373: How To Adapt Video Games To Movies

This week we are joined by Naomi Higgins and Mark Bonanno to talk about their new show as well as ho you’d adapt certain video games to movies and TV. We also get stuck into the new Zack Snyder Justice League trailer and his idea for a King Arthur movie, Tim Burton brings The Adams (more…)