This week we sum up our feelings on Game Of Thrones Season 6, discuss why Tazan isn’t resonating with audiences, touch on James Cameron’s dislike for The Force Awakens, something about Spider-man Homecoming, Underworld Blood Wars, Jared Leto in Justice League and more! Plus we break down the good and bad of the Batman V Superman Ultimate Cut. Good. Bloody. Times. Thanks for watching!

1:05 Tarzan Talk

4:59 Roland Emmerich Moon Fall movie

6:42 Mace Windu isn’t dead

10:10 James Cameron on Star Wars

11:42 Han Solo movie looking good

13:40 Spider-man Homecoming news

15:48 Underworld Blood Wars moved

20:40 Jared Leto in Justice League?

22:44 Games Of Thrones Season 6

1:13:24 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read (BVS Ultimate Cut)

1:22:47 Letter’s It’s Time For Letters

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