The Summer movie season has passed us by yet again. It’s done. Get over it. But we break down the best, the worst and the stuff that’s just like…whatevz bro. Plus we talk the passing of Gene Wilder, Happy Hogan returning to the MCU, the next Batman villain in Deathstroke, the Emperor’s non role in Star Wars: Rogue One, some crap Camelot show and Transformers 5 more on that or whatever. Thanks for listening!

0:37 Gene Wilder RIP

6:19 Happy Rogan returns in Spider-man Homecoming

10:11 Krypton TV series casting

12:08 Deathstroke in Batman solo movie

15:14 Deadpool news of a thing that happened

16:54 No Emperor in Star Wars: Rogue One

19:10 Luke Skywalker shaves. This is news

23:28 Crap Camelot show

27:38 Transformers 5 update

28:55 Summer Movie Season 2016 (Spoilers)

1:14:56 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:17:47 Letters It’s Time For Letters