Well well well. Another week, another terrible movie to talk about. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Also we talk Split,Oscar and Razzies, Bryan Singer back in the X-Men Universe, Marvel Video Game news, Star Wars The Last Jedi, Woody Harrelson in the Han Solo movie, The Flash being a disaster and other things. Thanks for listening!

0:38 RIP John Hurt

1:51 Oscars & Razzies

6:35 Bryan Singer doing more X-Men stuff

9:37 Marvel Video Game News

13:14 Star Wars The Last Jedi

21:28 Woody Harrelson Star Wars stuff

24:20 Every Which Way But Loose remake

27:21 The Flash is a disaster

35:21 David Ayer Suicide Squad regrets

36:43 Resident Evil Review full spoilers

1:00:12 Split Review sort of and Spoilers

1:09:52 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:16:36 Letters It’s Time For Letters