Iron Fist is out and happening in a big way! Is it the disaster some say?

We talk about that but also Guardians 2 news, Mindhorn, MI6, Transformers The Last One, DC news all round, The Matrix getting another Matrix and the future of Star Wars! Thanks for listening.

Iron Fist Easter Eggs:

0:00 The Start

4:25 GOTG2 Stallone and the guy that was Lex Luthor

8:36 Mindhorn

11:32 Henry Cavill joins MI6

12:55 Transformers: The Last Knight trailer…3?

15:49 DC News

26:41 The Matrix get’s a reboot

33:42 Future of Star Wars

34:47 Iron Fist Spoiler Free

1:01:33 Iron Fist Spoilers

1:10:45 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:11:31 – 1:15:35 Star Wars Rebels Spoilers

1:16:03 Letters It’s Time For Letters