Hey so it’s a big week for both Ghost In The Shell and Legion I guess, because that’s what we’re talking about.

But also Spider-man Homecoming, Rick and Morty, Dawn Of Apes Planet Of, IT, Star Wars and the future of plus Batgirl getting her own movie. Thanks for listening!

4:14 Rick & Morty Season 3

6:04 Dawn Of Monkey Madness trailer

8:09 IT Trailer

15:53 The Expendables are dead

17:12 Spider-man Homecoming Trailer & other Sony shit

23:57 Star Wars news big time

31:30 Batgirl is a movie

45:28 Legion Spoiler Free Review

53:21 Legion Spoiler Review

1:04:18 Ghost In The Shell Spoiler Free Review

1:13:52 Ghost In The Shell Spoiler Review

1:20:01 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:25:47 Letters It’s Time For Letters