This week we’re all about Star Wars Celebration! The Last Jedi trailer, Battlefront 2, Rebels, the 40th Anniversary Panel and a special appearance from Steele Saunders direct for Orlando.

Also the new Fast & Furious is out so we talk about that as well as Josh Brolin playing Cable, Thor Ragnarok and Apple potentially buying Disney. Thanks for listening!

4:06 Josh Brolin to play Cable

9:15 Thor Ragnarok Trailer

18:28 Apple buying Disney

Star Wars Celebration News

21:23 40th Anniversary Panel

28:42 Star Wars Rebels

34:37 Battlefront 4

44:56 The Last Jedi

1:00:02 Steele Saunders at Celebration

1:19:31 F8 Of The Furieight Spoiler Free Review

1:35:39 F8 Of The Furieight Spoiler Free Review

1:46:40 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:50:15 Letters It’s Time For Letters