This week we discuss films that set up sequels/franchises and failed so spectacularly that they never happened.

We also talk the sinking ship that is The Mummy, E3 2017, Danny Elfman coming on board Justice League, Flatliners, Man Of Steel 2 rumours, James Gunn changing Marvel canon plus the Transformers spin-off something! Thanks for the support.

Do Go On:

0:57 The Mummy is not doing well

6:23 Danny Elfman boards Justice League

9:23 Ehhhhh Flatliners… (I did it)

10:54 X-Men: Dark Phoenix get’s a director

17:10 James Gunn changes Marvel canon

21:32 Man of Steel 2 rumours

24:03 Transformers spin-off

32:20 E3 Highlights

45:06 Failed Sequels & Franchises

1:31:07 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:38:53 Letters It’s Time For Letters