Yeah this one is about IT. Great cohosts with Al and Andy from two in the Think Tank stepping in! Bless em.

They also get stuck into Star Wars losing another director, Leto getting loose on set, Thor Ragnarok story details, Avengers 4 casting, The Mummy for some reason and X-Force getting a director. Thanks for listening!

Two In The Think Tank:

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5:08 Star Wars Director Dilemmas

14:40 Leto the Loose Unit Updates

20:14 Thor Ragnarok as a Standalone Movie

24:14 Avengers 4 Casting Calls

31:39 The Mummy 2017 Box Office

36:15 X-Force Gets a Director

41:00 IT 2017 Non-spoiler Review

1:01:27 IT 20117 Spoiler Review

1:24:50 What We Reading/Gonna Read

1:29:30 Letters, It’s Time For Letters… Eventually