This week we forgot all about the Han Solo news but to balance that out we yell about Geostorm for forty minutes a movie nobody saw.

We also talk the new Black Panther trailer, Aquaman, The Punisher getting a release, Visceral Games shutting down, The Skrulls in the X-Men movie universe, Mama Mia 2 and Pacific Rim crossing over with Godzilla/King Kong. Thanks for listening!

Black Panther Trailer Breakdown:

Sweet Tees:

3:36 Black Panther trailer

8:33 Aquaman wraps filming

10:22 The Punisher release date

11:17 Visceral Games shuts down

21:10 The Skrulls in X-Men Dark Phoenix

28:32 Mama Mia 2 news

29:59 Pacific Rim crossover with Godzilla

33:38 Geostorm. Full spoilers

1:10:01 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:16:69 Letters It’s Time For Letters