What a week to Thor: Ragnarok! A movie. A Marvel movie.

Plus the Lord Of The Rings TV series, the Batman theme’s return, Flashpoint movie news, Henry Cavill on the state of the DC film universe, The Last Jedi, Han Solo reshoots, The Lion King and video games for a bit. Thanks for listening!

Thor: Ragnarok Easter Eggs: https://t.co/JEuYlPrVXJ

Do Go On: https://play.acast.com/s/do-go-on

7:40 Lord Of The Rings but TV

13:55 Batman theme in Justice League

17:36 Flashpoint movie update

18:15 Henry Cavill on the DC Universe

20:43 Star Wars The Last Jedi TV Spot

25:50 Han Solo reshoots

30:20 The Lion King cast

32:47 Rocksteady Superman game?

35:06 Spider-man PS4 trailer

39:05 Thor: Ragnarok spoiler free review

1:05:32 Thor: Ragnarok spoiler review

1:26:28 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:30:47 Letters It’s Time For Letters