What a week. I mean for the world but also for movies. The first Avengers: Infinity War trailer broke records, we got a look at a new Batman Anime, Disney is probably buying the X-Men maybe, Star Wars something, the multiverse in Ant-man and the Wasp and the He-man update we’ve all been praying for. Thanks for listening!

Avengers Infinity War Breakdown: https://t.co/TQs2JADEP8

Avengers Infinity War Breakdown again: https://t.co/g4aAg4sBK9

2:21 Star Wars news

7:55 Robin cast in DC something

10:23 Batman Ninja Anime

13:50 WB wanted to fire Zack Snyder

15:46 He-man update

18:24 John Cena as Doctor Manhattan?

20:19 Hellboy reboot release date

22:34 Ant-man and the multiverse

25:29 Disney buying X-men again

33:28 Avengers Infinity War trailer

1:05:31 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:10:34 Letters It’s Time For Letters