This week we go through the the best and worst films and tv shows or comics from the year! So many thoughts we have and we forgot so much probably.

We also talk Han Solo news, The Last Jedi dividing fans, the Hasbro Cinematic Universe, Blade, Oceans 8, Mortal City and Bones, Avengers Infinity War and more!

Thanks for listening this year, your support is much appreciated!

George Lucas’ The Last Jedi:

Star Wars Holiday Special Commentary or

Lights Camera Podcast:

5:20 The Last Jedi Dividing Fans

8:57 Who’s the next Blade?

11:35 Hasbro Cinematic Universe

17:39 Oceans 8

20:12 Avengers Infinity War first five minutes

22:38 Mortal Bones England On Wheels

25:24 Han Solo trouble?

30:58 Shcrondiger’s Bat’s Back Baby!

34:00 JediSkillz Winner

36:51 Best/Worst Movies/Comics/TV Of The Year

1:42:07 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:49:12 Letters It’s Time For Letters