Hey. This week we get into the Avengers Infinity War date shift plus the six announced upcoming films.

Plus Guardians of the Galaxy news, a bunch of films move forward that probably won’t be good, Captain Marvel, Shazam, Wonder Woman 2, big changes in he Star War universe and also the movie Red Sparrow. Thanks for listening!

Star Wars Time Travel Vid: https://t.co/KFPydvNGFI

Steele Wars Mendo: https://t.co/mivkbFYb6b

0:00 The start of the podcast


4:30 Mark Hamill in Guardians Vol 3

8:14 Date’s for things that will probably get pushed back or cancelled or be bad or bomb

23:33 More X-Men films

24:26 Captain Marvel

29:46 Avengers date change

36:06 The MCU Multiverse

39:06 Wonder Woman 2

40:33 Shazam

44:24 Star Wars Rebels spoilers

52:23 Red Sparrow Non Spoilers

1:01:27 Red Sparrow Spoilers

1:12:20 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:17:51 Letters It’s Time For Letters