This week we’re all about Pacific Rim Uprising! Is it as bad as people say or as fine as some others say?

Plus Deadpool news, Street Fighter, Cobra Kai, Venom, Avengers Infinity War, Men in Black the reboot as well as and a closer look at Justice League Mortal. Thanks for the support!

0:00 The start of the show

6:34 Deadpool 2 new trailer

13:05 Deadpool animated series cancelled

15:00 Street Fighter TV Series

19:33 Kobra Kai trailer

27:17 No Venom in Venom?

30:20 Cloak and Dagger trailer

32:52 Tessa Thompson in MIB

35:16 Justice League Mortal concept art

44:27 Avengers TV Spots

44:11 Chris Evans leaving the MCU

Potential Avengers Spoilers 48:27- 53:37

53:47 Pacific Rim Uprising spoiler free review

1:06:10 Pacific Rim Uprising spoiler review

1:16:39 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:24:34 Letters It’s Time For Letters