Firstly, huge thanks to those who came out to our live Melbourne Show! This week we also get into the movie Rampage plus trailers for Solo, The Meg, The Incredible 2, Westworld 2 spoilers, Yoda’s return, the most popular piece of media, an Eternals movie for the MCU and many and other things. Thanks for the support!

0:00 The start of the show

5:08 RIP R. Lee Early

8:41 The Meg Trailer

12:13 The Incredibles 2 trailer

17:44 Westworld Season 2

20:37 Gotham introduces The Joker

25:30 Solo trailer

29:37 Yoda in Episode 9

35:39 Stan Lee issues

38:19 TJ Miller is a bad bloke

42:21 GTA 5 is very popular

45:32 The Eternals movie

52:24 Ramage non spoilers

1:02:05 Ramage spoilers

1:13:59 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:17:17 Letters It’s Time For Letters