People are sick of Star Wars. Some say. So we talk about this. Plus news of both the 80s and 90s being being back with Wonder Woman 2, Top Gun 2, Spawn and The Crow news. Plus Peter Pan get’s another prequel, Silver & Black get’s delayed, bad news for The Walking Dead, Zack Snyder’s net project and X-Men Dark Pheonix. Thanks for listening!

Solo Deleted Scenes:

Aunty Donna Introduction:

0:00 The Start

2:09 Wonder Woman 2

4:25 Top Gun 2

8:45 Spawn casting

13:20 The Crow cancelled

15:40 The Worst Thing

19:18 Silver & Black postponed

25:24 The Walking Dead person leaves

30:00 Zack Snyder’s next project

31:27 X-Men Dark Phoenix sounds bad

42:54 Star Wars Fatigue

1:18:22 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

126:15 Letters It’s Time For Letters