In preparation for Creed 2 we take a look at the original Rocky and Rocky 2. Also this was was apparently the week to announce spin-offs for The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Loki and Rogue One, Watchmen, Altered Carbon and Pacific Rim. Also we get into Kingsman 3 and the Shrek reboot. Thanks for listening!

5:11 Star Trek Discovery Spin-off

7:19 The Walking Dead Spin-off

11:05 Breaking Bad Spin-off

17:12 Loki & Rogue One Spin-off

26:55 Watchem Spin-off

30:12 Shrek Reboot

34:53 Altered Carbon/Pacific Rim Spin-off

36:26 Kingsman 3 casting

37:25 Rocky I & II

1:12:52 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:14:49 Letters It’s Time For Letters