We’re back for another year somehow! And in doing so we’re talking about the end of the Unbreakable/Split trilogy, Glass. Plus Spider-Man Far From Home trailer, news of The Flash movie, Batman and The New Gods, updates on Deadpool 3, X-Force and Gambit, Ghostbusters 3, a reboot for TMNT and more Mission Impossible. Thanks for listening!

Far From Home Trailer Breakdown: https://t.co/ojeEim7wyF

Book Cheat: https://goo.gl/2TSUwM

0:00 The Start

3:24 The Predator alternate ending

6:49 Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer

15:33 The Flash pushed back

18:30 New Gods News

20:41 Affleck Is In Or Out

25:22 Deadpool 3 update & X-Men shit

30:32 Kevin Hart Monopoly

33:07 Ghostbusters 3

38:24 TMNT Reboot Again

41:33 Star Wars Game Cancelled


49:19 Glass (spoilers 59:52 – 1:20:54)

1:18:39 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:23:54 Letters It’s Time For Letters