Western Anime and Manga Adaptations are not good so we talk about all of them today. Plus news of the Aquaman spin-off, Danai Gurira leaves The Walking Dead, Kingsman Prequel casting, news of Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame, Terminator and Alien updates, World War Z 2 is dead and the future of Disney.

0:00 The Start

3:20 Aquaman Spin-Off

7:36 Danai Gurira leaves Walking Dead

9:18 The Simpsons Renewed

10:43 Kingsman Prequel

13:04 Child’s Play trailer

18:56 Captain Marvel website

23:43 Avengers Endgame image & assorted whatevs

32:18 Infinity War CGI

33:36 Pet Semetary trailer

36:30 New Shaft trailer

37:58 Terminator: New Title & Alien 5/3

41:57 World War Z 2 over

42:52 Disney Updates

45:33 Best Worst/Anime Adaptations

Oldboy spoilers (spoilers 55:30 – 58:31)

1:35:36 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:38:55 Letters It’s Time For Letters