This week we did yet another podcast! One in which we review Pixar’s latest Toy Story 4. Plus news of the Venom and Spider-Man crossover, Halloween 2, a weird Spider-Man countdown, a The Matrix hot scoop, big moves over at Lucasfilm and Avengers Endgame gets an extended or something release. Thanks for listening.

Lost Toy Story Sequel:

0:00 The Start

6:16 Venom & Spider-Man

9:42 Halloween 2 or 3

14:44 Spider-Man countdown!

19:44 Matrix Hot Scoop

24:54 Changes at Lucasfilm

29:11 The Kings Man

33:08 Avengers Endgame rerelease

34:04 Toy Story 4 (48:41 – 56:30)

56:30 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:03:33 Letters It’s Time For Letters