It’s very much much The Lion King 2019. But not only that we cover the death of a Blade Runner legend, details on the What If MCU movies, Mad Max sequels, more Rocky stuff, Kill Bill Vol 3, Hitchhikers the TV series and a delay on the Spawn movie. Thanks for listening.

Prime Mates Podcast:

0:00 The Start

1:43 Rutger Hauer RIP

3:06 What If…? Timeline

6:39 Rocky Sequel/Prequel

13:19 What it MCU series

16:10 Mad Max Sequels

18:18 Kill Bill Vol 3

20:11 Hitchhikers TV Series

21:40 Huge DC Crossover

23:28 Spawn Delay

28:32 The Lion King 2019

52:00 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

54:09 Letters It’s Time For Letters