We’re finally getting the REAL Terminator 3 in Terminator: Dark Fate. Plus we talk the cancellation and ordering of more Game Of Thrones, HBO’s new streaming service, a Green Lantern TV series, The Mandalorian trailer and DB Weis and David Benioff exit Star Wars. Thanks for listening!

0:00 The Start

1:38 HBO Cancels/Orders Game Of Thrones Prequel

5:53 HBO Max streaming service

8:00 Green Lantern and other DC HBO TV

17:59 The Mandalorian Trailer

19:54 DB Weis and David Benioff Exit Star Wars 33:54

Terminator: Dark Fate (spoilers 47:08 – 55:20)

55:20 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

59:37 Letters It’s Time For Letters