My guest today Erin Pluekhahn is a doula, an event manager and now founder of kindred women – a beautiful business that creates women’s circles, gatherings and retreats that aim to nurture, care and restore women through meditation, journaling, movement, nature and sound immersion. I attended a session ran by Erin and it was such a beautiful experience. In this episode we talk about women’s circles as ancient, spiritual traditions, about how Erin embarked on a career change after the birth of her daughters, about her beliefs about how we care for women, our people and our planet and how the patterns in nature are so often reflected in our own lives. If you’re feeling burnt out and exhausted this episode is for you. Erin has a knack for allowing women to reconnect to themselves and to each other and I hope you love this episode as much as I did. A heads up too that we discuss birth in this episode and I think it’s important to note that while I whole heartedly think it’s important to have expert medical care on hand if necessary for birthing women and their babies as it absolutely can save lives (and did for me) as we talk about today there is also a lot of evidence to suggest that it is not the only thing women need to birth safely and having continuity of care and the wonderful nurturing space that can be provided by doulas and midwives is incredibly vital and important to birth outcomes that allow women to feel safe, empowered and in control, feeling educated and advocated for throughout the process.

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