We are back for an all news all the time episode of the show! Then Westworld for a little bit. But we cover Ms Monopoly, Comic Con at Home, Falcon & Th Winter Soldier starting up again, Tenet’s release, New Mutants rears it’s head again, news of Superman and Supergirl, Bright 2, National Treasure, Demolition Man 2, The Old Guard, Tom Cruise will die in space, Pirates 6 and more. Thanks for the support!

00:00 The Start

04:00 Ms Monopoly

06:40 Comic Con at home.

09:46 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier update.

11:52 TE-NET or not TEN-ET? Nolan’s dilemma.

17:00 Good and bad New Mutants news.

18:40 Brainiac for next Superman movie.

21:21 Netflix’s Bright sequel gets director.

27:04 National Treasure getting Disney+ series.

28:24 Sylvester Stallone announces Demolition Man 2.

32:06 Vanity Fair release some images… of The Old Guard.


34:37 Hayden Christensen to return (of the sith) in Kenobi series.

37:20 Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR game coming to PSVR.

37:54 Jedi: Fallen Order is now a franchise and gets free update.

39:31 Taika Waititi joins list of directors doing a Star Wars movie.

42:48 Boba Fett rumoured to return in The Mandalorian Season Two.

51:55 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

Plus Black Mirror, Pirates of the Caribbean and Tom Cruise in space news.

Westworld spoilers 59:50 to 01:07:00

01:07:25 Letters, It’s Time For Letters