Wow hot stuff this week! We’re doing fan theories regarding popular TV and film, everything from Inception to Star Wars, the Joker to Indiana Jones dying in a fridge. Plus news of the week covering Godzilla VS Kong, more Alien movies, Batwoman gets recast in an unexpected way, The New Mutants becoming a trilogy, a Bane Solo movie, strange casting for WandaVision, good news for comics, Tenet is still releasing maybe and Upgrade gets a sequel. Thanks for watching.

Prime Mates video with special guests:

00:00 The Start

01:38 Godzilla vs. Kong rating.

04:45 Future of Alien franchise.

08:55 New Batwoman character.

11:37 New Mutants trilogy?

13:40 Bane’s solo movie pitch.

19:45 Quicksilver actor joins WandaVision.

23:04 DC cuts ties with Diamond Distributors.

26:40 TENET release update.

27:20 Upgrade sequel in the works.

29:00 Fan Theories Hot Stuff Sexy Dads

01:10:35 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

01:15:15 Letters It’s Time For Letters