The early podcast! It’s a big news episode. Thanks so much for listening.

Two in the Think Tank

00:00 The Start

01:57 No Time To Die Delayed

05:18 Cinemas Be Closing

07:30 Huge Disney Layoffs

11:13 Kobra Kai Renewal & Teaser

13:54 James Bond Quiz

21:45 The Witches Trailer

26:18 Greenland on Demand

30:26 Borat 2 Trailer

38:16 Monster Hunter Trailer

41:36 The Lion King Pre-Sequel

43:39 Conan Live Action Series

45:30 Ms Marvel Cast

48:29 Jamie Foxx’s Spider-Man Return

54:42 Spider-Man’s New Face on Playstation

01:01:13 H8 Mail But The H8 Has An 8 In It

01:13:45 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:25:59 Letters, It’s Time For Letters