Check it out and what’s up?!? We finally saw Tenet. Also news of WandaVision, Bloodshot 2, Wonder Woman 1984 coming to streaming maybe or maybe not, Star Lord returns for Thor 4 plus Star Wars news and Justice League news because there never won’t be. Good hussle everyone thanks for the support!

00:00 The Start

02:42 WandaVision Release

04:43 Return of the Scorpion King

07:51 Night Has Fallen

10:41 Fantastic Beasts Future

14:40 Bloodshot Sequel

17:10 Star Lord in Thor 4

17:50 Sylvester Stallone Suicide Squad

19:05 Black Panther 2

20:20 Lilo & Stitch Live Action

21:36 Star Wars News

25:48 Zack Snyder’s Justice League

26:54 Wonder Woman 84 Release

29:31 Tenet & Christopher Nolan’s Sound Design

34:10 Tenet Movie Review (Spoilers 43 to 55 minutes)

55:15 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:00:01 Letters, It’s Time For Letters