Welcome to a new podcast where we discuss all sorts of things. Do you want specifics? Fine this week we talk about Black Widow on Disney Plus, Tom Holland wig news, Face/Off gets a sequel, Gina Carano removed from Star Wars, Last of Us casting, Borderlands and Sonic 2 casting, Captain Marvel’s new villain and the new trailer for Justice League 2021 Snyder Cut edition brace yourself nerds. Also we go through various members of the Justice League and get into whether we’ll ever see them in live action. And it’s really depressing. ANYWAYS THANKS FOR WATCHING.

00:00 The Start

03:14 Black Widow & Disney Plus

05:03 Tom Holland Wig News

07:36 Face/Off Sequel

10:48 Gina Carano Leaves Star Wars

16:37 Borderlands & The Last of Us Casting

18:47 Sonic The Hedgehog Sequel

19:17 Captain Marvel 2 Main Villain

20:18 First Look at Snyder Cut’s Joker

26:20 New Members of the Justice League

01:00:00 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:03:39 Letters, It’s Time For Letters