If you wanted a review of the movie Godzilla VS Kong then you have arrived at a very fortuitous time. We talk about that as well as trailers for Spiral, The Suicide Squad, Rick & Morty Season 5, Space Jam 2 (but not really), the Thundercats movie, more delays and two huge cancellations for DC, more Knives Out but at Netflix, Russell Crowe joins Thor Love & Thunder, Obi Wan gets a cast and more! Thanks for watching!

00:00 The Start

05:08 The Suicide Squad Trailer

08:30 Delays But Don’t Dismays

11:29 Aquaman & New Gods Movies Cancelled

14:45 Spiral Trailer

17:21 Rick and Morty S5 Trailer

20:05 Knives Out Sequels

23:31 Russell Crowe in Thor 4 (Fun Little Cameo)

24:43 Kenobi Cast Revealed

30:18 Thundercats Movie in Works

36:00 Godzilla vs Kong Review (Spoilers 49:54)

01:02:45 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:09:23 Letters, It’s Time For Letters