Hurrah! An early podcast where you also don’t even need to have seen a movie that only just released.

00:00 The Start

06:19 Shang Chi Releasing Exclusively in Cinemas

07:46 Warner Bros Digital Release Change

09:42 Delays But Not Dismays?

14:46 Venom 2 Release Date Moved

16:04 Marvel’s Multiple Animated Series

18:04 Moon Knight Costume Leak

20:45 Iron Fist is a Thundering Dumbass

24:50 Leading Actor Leaves Powerpuff Girls

26:23 Idris Elba is Knuckles

29:11 Marvel Creators Speak Out


32:29 Best and Worst Movies about Video Games


01:04:44 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:12:43 Letters, It’s Time For Letters