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Do Go On with Maso

Stupid Old Studios Fundraiser

Two in the Think Tank Live Stream

Plumbing the Death Star with James

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00:00 The Start

07:45 Chris Pratt is Garfield

11:32 Donkey Kong Solo Movie

12:55 Taika Waititi’s Tower of Terror

17:54 Chris Nolan’s Oppenheimer Casting

19:05 Live Guns On Movie Sets

21:37 MODOK in MCU Rumour

24:38 Werewolf by Night Special

25:53 Morbius Trailer

30:23 Book of Boba Fett Trailer

32:58 Disney Plus Day Preview

34:30 Matt Smith Speaks on Star Wars Role

36:42 Shang Chi Review (spoilers 44:39 to 56:15)

56:15 The Eternals Review (01:16:48 to 01:44:33)

01:44:33 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:48:13 Letters, It’s Time For Letters