Early podcast! Brace yourself for cameo madness with this guide to some others that might’ve happened.

00:00 The Start

03:14 Neal Adams RIP

06:36 Fast X Director Leaves

14:51 Fantastic Four Director Leaves

17:43 Andrew Garfield Filming Amazing Spider-Man 3

20:09 New Movie Titles

24:55 The Batman 2 Happening

26:18 Ghostbusters: Afterlife Sequel

27:47 SPUMM Updates

28:54 El Muerto Movie Plot Exclusive

35:01 Shazam and Super Mario Delayed

37:07 Marvel Movie Releases Switched

37:54 Michael Caine Doesn’t Blink

40:24 Dr Strange 2 Banned in Saudi Arabia

41:44 Biggest or Best Cameos in Movies

01:12:20 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read – Ambulance Spoiler Review

01:21:07 Letters, It’s Time For Letters