Hello best friend, it’s a new episode of The Weekly Planet!

00:00 The Start

04:06 Seth Green NFT Drama

11:14 Winnie the Pooh Horror

13:32 Warner Bros Unhappy with J. J. Abrams

18:34 Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer

25:15 The Gray Man Trailer

26:35 Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Trailer

31:39 Star Wars Celebration and Skeleton Crew Series

32:44 The Mandalorian Season Three

35:23 Ashoka Series Details

35:54 Tale of the Jedi Announcement

37:05 Taika Waititi Star Wars Movie

37:47 Indiana Jones 5 First Look

39:23 Willow Series Trailer

45:36 Andor Series Trailer

54:10 Top Gun: Maverick Review (spoilers 01:13:24 to 01:33:22)

01:33:22 Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode One and Two Review (spoilers 01:33:22 to 01:45:35)

01:45:35 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:50:13 Letters, It’s Time For Letters