Early podcast! A big movie review, Avatar trailers ahoy and the end of a Westworld era. Plus much more news. Thanks for listening!

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00:00 The Start

05:11 Tarantino Hates Marvel Movies

09:37 DC’s The Sandman Season 2

12:54 Westworld & Stargirl Cancelled

19:52 James Gunn vs The Rock

22:51 Avatar 2: The Way of Water Trailer

26:16 MCU’s Wonder Man & Agatha: Coven of Chaos Casting

29:01 New Marvel Video Games Deal

31:15 The Russo’s TikTok Hercules Movie

36:51 The Last of Us & The Mandalorian S3 Release Dates

37:50 New Focus on Franchises at Warner Bros.

43:42 Don’t Worry Darling Review (spoilers 57:19 to 01:11:48)

01:11:48 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:15:40 Letters, It’s Time For Letters